Vehicle energy systems

Used as test equipment in research on alternative energy-storage and drive solutions, our Vehicle-Energy-Systems provides precise and powerful simulation of real sources and sinks.



  • High dynamic voltage supply for drive tests (Battery simulation)
  • Generator load (fuel cells,...)
  • Energy store testing (HV-battery stacks, supercaps,...)


  • High dynamic, bi-directional power supply in IGBT-technology
  • Mains supply with negligible power quality impacts
  • potential separation by medium-frequency transformers
  • Output loop controllers with selectable structures and custom parametrisation for flexible test scenarios
  • integrated simulation module for emulation of resistors, batteries, capacitors
  • continuos transition between source- and sink operation
  • quasi silent due to high operating frequencies and water cooling system
  • Field bus connectivity: 100µs control cycle by EtherCat or 1ms by CAN
  • Extensive protection and safety functions (earth-leakage relay; emergency stop; safety stop; ultra rapid overcurrent, overvoltage and oberheat protection) for device and application safety

Technical data:

  • Mains: 380/400/440V, 50/60Hz, cos : 0,99
  • Rated DC output voltage: 60V - 1.000V
  • Rated DC output Current: 100A – 800A per unit
  • Power range: 30.000W – 350.000W per unit
  • Unit cascading up to 6.400A / 2MW
  • Accuracy 0,03 % of full scale value
  • Output-Dynamic: 0,4ms (source-sink-mode)