Pulse reverse power supplies

With our pulse power supply you can perfectly attune sequences of voltage and current to your applications.


  • complex pulse shapes
  • low residual ripple
  • short-circuit-proof, open circuit-proof and potential-free
  • air/water cooled
  • digital control unit, based on a digital signal processor (DSP/FPGA)
  • Protection against overheating
  • IP20 / IP54
  • 19" slide-in unit, Module, Cabinet

Technical data:

  • DC max. current: up to 5000A
  • AC max. effective current (RMS): up to 5000A
  • DC max. voltage: up to 600V
  • DC max. effective voltage (RMS): up to 600V
  • Power output: up to 2MW
  • pulse current: 50A – 10kA