Battery tester

Testing equipment for single cells or stacks for emobility applications.



  • Slide-in module up to 20kW/40V/1.000A or cabinet design for higher power output
  • Configurable control structures with adaptable dynamic
  • Common dc link supply for plenty of modules with central mains feed
  • HotPlug: swapping off seperate channels without interruption of the entire system
  • Water cooling

Technical data:

  • Rated output current output: up to 1.000A
  • Rated power: up to 20kW (slide-in unit), up to 200kW (cabinet)
  • Parallel or serial connection possible
  • Accuracy: 0,03% FS
  • Output-Dynamic: 0,4ms (source-sink-mode)
  • Ripple simulation: 0 to 15kHz